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Faulty Software causes severe losses and catastrophes. Such, the quality demands on IT-based business processes are continually increasing. Therefore systematic requirement and quality management as well as quality assurance in the software development lifecycle are the keys to a companyís economic success.

Do you need to build a test organization from the ground up? Or just need a special team of real heavy hitters to help you in testing? Donít go at it alone.

Axis Plus will assist you from the planning, creation, coordination, automation, realization to the evaluation and monitoring of systematic software testing through individual experts as well as integrated IT teams.

We can help you with release management, creation of test environments, test data, test procedures, supply of test tools, realization of test environments for load & performance, production & acceptance tests, automation of test environment, test data acquisition, test cases and test evaluation, conception and automation of regression tests, test execution for modules, components, systems, load, performance, acquisition, acceptance, bug Tracking and error management during the entire testing process, test evaluation and monitoring (includes providing test results and reports, list of error occurrences plus found solutions, operation suggestions).

Do you want to save money by moving off-shore? But what about logistics, coordination, cultural barriers or changes in your test process?

Axis Plus has a deep understanding and experience in off-shore project to help you succeeding in complex. Together with our partner in India and new EU countries we will bring your off-shore project to a success.

Do you need to take your test team to the level of testing professionals through ISTQB certification programs? Axis Plus as accredited training provider of ISTQB is the right partner for you.

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